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Exterminating Grime with Our Power Washing Service in Chesterfield TWP., Michigan Since 2009
Fully Insured | Open Year Round


Phone Icon Local: (586) 738-4447
Toll Free: (877) 335-2693

Terms & Conditions

• You have 20 days to pay your bill after 20 calendar days there is a $25.00 late fee added to your bill. (Unless arrangements have been made )

• You have 24 hours to cancel service, if you do not, there is a $25.00 cancellation / trip fee, that will be due at the time of arrival or added  to your next bill.

• You have 24 hours to report all claims/ damages made to your property.

• If paying with a credit card there is a $ 8.00 fee added to your bill.

• If paying with a credit card and we have to put in your credit card number in manually there is a $25.00 fee for each time we have    to punch it in.

* There is a $ 25.00 fee for return checks.

*There is a $ 25.00 fee if we have to move any kind of patio furniture, shopping carts, dirt, mulch, etc. 

* Note there is a 25% chance that all the dirt will not come off your property such as chewing gum, spray paint, rust, fertilizer and etc.

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